Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Food Fight!

I am Vegan (or at least have been mostly, sometimes, or almost vegan since November 1st). I live with a foodie and an omnivore. The foodie likes raw milk. I don’t even like milk! She buys things like cow leases (to obtain raw milk), eggs direct from the farmers of cage free chickens and organic, pastured butter, whatever that is. The omnivore likes meat. A LOT! This is the man who orders his burgers plain and his BBQ with no sauce. Oh, and he really doesn’t like vegetables much.

To say being vegan is a challenge would be an understatement…in this house anyway.

It takes planning, but we do it. And we do it (while feeding 4 of the foodie’s children as well) on a pretty reasonable grocery budget. We make regular visits to the farmers market and the health food store, with a few visits to Trader Joes in between.

It also takes acceptance. And we’re getting better at that. What we’ve concluded is that choosing a healthy way of eating is an important decision, which healthy plan you choose is a personal choice and isn’t as important as simply making the decision to eat healthy.

So, yes, although we’ve had our food “fights” a time or two, we’ve all made the decision to eat healthier and that gives us a lot less to fight about :)

As for the omnivore, we just give him meat often enough that he stays pretty quiet :)

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