Monday, September 21, 2009

Ok, I'm

Todays the day, September 21st. I've always liked that date, so maybe this is a good thing. One month later than I had proposed my start date and 9 months after I said I should start blogging. Well, never mind about any of that, todays the day.

I think today might be a turning point for me. It was [another] rough weekend. Sometimes I'm just so sad, and so unmotivated, and so overwhelmed. All of these are things that I've experienced before, but typically not ongoing and seemingly never ending.

Today I have joy in my soul. How Great Thou Art is the song that came to mind during my Bible study this morning. And it just keeps remining me that what ever I'm facing, God is way bigger. And if I'm living for Him, then anything I can dream to do for Him, He can dream for me so much bigger. Today, I choose to live in victory. I will not let Satan have this round!

Praising God for who He is and for who He is making me!

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