Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Morning Devotions

So, I received a Bible a few years ago for Christmas. It was on my list, as I had purchased one for friends the year before. It's the "Knowing Jesus Bible" and has 365 "discoveries" throughout the old and new testament relating the passage to Jesus' life, death and/or resurrection. Very good stuff, and although it's meant to be completed in a year, it will most likely take me significantly longer to complete.

Especially with days like today. I felt like Acts was where I needed to be this morning, and on my way there I ran into Esther, and now feel led to get into that book again as well. It was interesting that the notes mentioned that although God isn't actually mentioned in Esther, his influence is seen throughout the book. I wonder if that's how my life is. Even when I'm not talking about God, is His influence being seen in me? Then I moved onto Acts and discovered the words of Jesus that said "You will be my witnesses" and not "You will witness." So along the same lines, I need to ask myself am I being a Christian or doing Christianity.

Last week during a class a church we were asked that if we died today, what regret would we have? I think for me it's not so much about anticipated regret, as it is wondering if anyone will be suprised to find out I was a Christian. I hope not. I hope that He is seen in me by everyone and not just a select bunch.

Hmm, alot of introspect with my morning coffee today...


  1. Pastor Paul preached about being a witness and not just witnessing. I never really got what that meant until that sermon, but that really is important for us as Christians to differentiate between the two and to practice the first one.

  2. By the way, I see Him in you! So do other people! Keep up the good work!